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Doe (female)

Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Black; lots of moon spots | ADGA# D1772028

Cricket is a farm favorite here. I had my eye on her mama over at Ellen's for several years and I finally gotthis gorgeous girl. She gave us a Massive single buck as a first freshener in 2017. She is ...

Not for Sale
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)tan with roaning2 yrs 

Dam: Sparkle Sire: Dills PL Mister Missunderstood *B Gazelle is one of my favorite kids from our 2017 crop. Beautifully put together and she's got milking genetics to beat the band. Looking forward ...

Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Black | ADGA# D17720324 yrs

Not for Sale
Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Black | ADGA# D17720294 yrs

Minx is a lovely doe but her name says it all. She is definitely wild at heart. We have had several babies from her but somehow I've ended up selling them both. We lost her single buck kid 8/30/18 due...

Negotiable, may trade
Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Buckskin; white on poll & side | ADGA# D17720304 yrs

Curious is is one of my Favorite does. Bred to the nines and beautiful to boot, just as you would expect from her breeding. Currently awaiting her 2018 kids. ...

Not for Sale
Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)buckskin, white poll, frosting | ADGA# D18578612 yrs 

I am retaining one of Festivity's triplets and selling her and the other 2 to make room for new arrivals. This is a nice proven second freshener doe. She is an improvement on her dam, but is a bit wi...

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Nigerian Dwarf, NubianDoe (female)

Not for Sale
NubianDoe (female)strawberry roan; frosted ears; | ADGA# N18866762 yrs

Not for Sale
NubianDoe (female)strawberry roan; frosted ears; | ADGA# N18815352 yrs

Not for Sale
NubianDoe (female)Black sungau frosted ears white pol | ADGA# N18041953 yrs

Not for Sale
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)Brown w/random white4 yrs 

Sparkle is hands down my favorite doe to hand milk. She peaked at nearly 3/4 gallon of milk per day as a second freshener this last spring. I can hardly wait to see how she does this next year! Her 2 ...

Not for Sale

Buck (male)

Nigerian DwarfBuck (male)Two tone chamoise | ADGA# D17698643 yrs

We hit the jackpot when we brought this handsome boy home from Ellen Dorsey's farm. He is proving to be an outstanding sire, with a high percentage of doe kids. He has stamped his striking color and e...

Not for Sale
Nigerian DwarfBuck (male)Chocolate swiss with tan points | ADGA# D18438902 yrs

Manny is our most recent addition to the buck pen. His bloodlines are loaded with champions, milk and buck stars and performance records galore. Thanks to Ellen Dorsey of Dill's a Little Goat Farm for...

Not for Sale
Nigerian DwarfBuck (male)buckskin | ADGA# D171170945 yrs

Earthstripe has been with us almost since the beginning. He has sired kids several years for us and now it's time for him to have a new herd. We have 4 doe kids on the ground by him and they are healt...


First Freshener (female)

Nigerian DwarfFirst Freshener (female)chamoisee | ADGA# D18438912 yrs 

I had my eye on Nixie's dam for several years and after I saw her in person one year when we picked up a buck kid for the farm I knew I had to have a doe kid out of her. Nixie freshened in March while...

Not for Sale
Nubian - MiniFirst Freshener (female)Black Sungau

Trained to milk stand, butter soft udder and a sweet temperament all on top of being a fabulous mother. This doe is an excellent choice for a homestead dairy goat. Can be bred back free of charge for ...


Kid (male)

Nigerian DwarfKid (male)black and tan swiss markedUnder 1 yr

photos coming soon...

$50 wethered $100 intact unregistered

Kid (female)

Nigerian DwarfKid (female)black and tan swiss marked | ADGA# PendingUnder 1 yr

Photos coming soon....

Nigerian DwarfKid (female)Chamoisee, white belly spot & poll | ADGA# Pending

Photos coming soon....

Not for Sale
Nigerian DwarfKid (female)chamoisee white poll | ADGA# PendingUnder 1 yr


Jr. Doe (female)

Nigerian DwarfJr. Doe (female)black, random white, frosting | ADGA# PendingUnder 1 yr

Photos coming soon.....

Nigerian DwarfJr. Doe (female)chamoisee, random white, frosting | ADGA# Pending

photos coming soon...

Not for Sale
Nigerian DwarfJr. Doe (female)black roan | ADGA# PendingUnder 1 yr

Outstanding doe kid out of two of our top animals. I am retaining her sister. Photos coming soon....

Nubian - MiniJr. Doe (female)Brown with roaning2 yrs

This junior doe is out of my favorite milker and sired by an outstanding buck from the Dills herd. I expect great things from this doe. I'm keeping her sister and much as I love this doe I just can't ...