summer 2018

summer 2018

Prairie Fleur's LGD


Dog, Great Pyrenees, Male | White; wolf gray mask



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London is our farm LGD and my personal buddy. He is fabulous with children, protective of his animals and property and a wonderful sire. This is his second litter of puppies and I couldn't be happier with what he's produced. He is highly intelligent and is great with our chickens, ducks, goats and farm cats altho he does steer clear of the horses just a bit. He loves Paris and he loves a few pets in the evening. :) He is my personal dog in a way as he'll do almost anything I ask of him (even hopping in a strange vehicle to go to the vet!). He is ever so gentle with small children and will let them crawl all over him. He is rather stand offish when were not home which is exactly how I like my LGDs. He keeps an eye out for hawks during the day and no matter how much he's enjoying a bit of play time with his people if he hears something he feels needs chasing off the place, he's off to check it out and keep the place secure.

Updated 8/27/2018


MaleUnder 1 yrwhite; wolf gray mask
FemaleUnder 1 yrwhite; wolf gray mask & several spo